Photo shows a young woman wearing custom ear plugs at the gym

Photo shows a pilot with a Nanocomm system

photo shows a motorcyclist, properly equipped and wearing custom-fitted ear plugs

Photo shows a musician singing and wearing custom ear inserts


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Custom Moulded Quality Ear Plugs

  • National Retailer for Puretone
  • Custom-manufacturing ensures a precise match to your ears
  • Secure fit gives outstanding comfort and clarity
  • Protect your hearing, but still hear conversation easily
  • As used by top professionals in broadcasting, music and sport
  • Systems to match your needs, style and budget
  • Authorised and certificated Puretone fitting service

Why Use AudioFit?If you are looking for high performance ear inserts from a supplier who really knows how to transform your listening experience, call Nigel Hirst at AudioFit. We know what a tremendous difference a good choice of ear insert can make, because we don't just recommend and fit ear protection and audio systems for other people - we have also been using them ourselves, for many years. For superb advice backed up by a professional fitting service, call Nigel Hirst today.