Photo shows that the gel moulds to the outer ear


Photo shows removal of cured gel

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What We Do: The Custom-Fitting Process

The best ear plugs (and earpieces) are tailor-made to fit the ear shapes and dimensions of the person who will be wearing them. To enable the manufacture of what will be truly unique mouldings, soft rubber casts of your ears are carefully taken by a trained AudioFit specialist. The procedure is painless and can usually be completed for both of your ears in less than thirty minutes.

Firstly, the ear is examined to determine if there is any reason why an impression should not be taken. If all is clear, a foam block is gently pushed into the ear to protect the eardrum. Next (see the sequence of pictures starting left, top), liquid silicone is used to fill the ear canal and outer ear. This remains in the ear for five to ten minutes while it sets. Once the impression is ready, it and the plug are gently removed from your ear. Your ear is then re-inspected, and the process for that ear is complete. Finally, the impressions are despatched to the manufacturing facility, where they will be used to produce ear inserts that are as close a match to your own ear shapes as could ever reasonably be achieved.

Custom-Fitted Ear Plugs are Simply Better

With their hearing protected and the environmental sounds controlled, many people find our systems enhance the quality of their listening dramatically. We specialise in supplying small, sophisticated ear plugs, sound filters and audio monitors that have one thing in common - they are all placed, gently and securely, into the user's outer ear. Custom-fitting ensures that our ear inserts are supremely comfortable to use. Because of the large variety of applications in which this approach has huge benefits to the user, our products range from superbly efficient ear plugs to pro-spec audio monitors. Custom-fitted ear inserts seal out environmental noise superbly well - and they are ideal for the many situations where bulky alternatives would be impractical or inconvenient.

AudioFit is now an authorised agent for both Puretone and Emtec. Puretone is one of the leading UK manufacturers of hearing protection and audio enhancement systems. Emtec have quickly established an excellent reputation for their Noisebreaker products. We can give you expert advice on which, of the numerous solutions we have available, is best suited to your needs and budget.

Why not make your listening experience better?