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Fitted Earphones for iPods and iPhones

Great Sound from your Portable Music Player

If you like to use your iPod, iPhone or other mobile music source as intended - so you take it out and about with you, and maybe go jogging or down the gym sometimes - you probably know that getting the earpieces to stay in can be difficult. An iPod is capable of delivering truly fantastic sound, but if your earphones aren't sitting in exactly the right place you won't experience it. The problem is that the standard ear inserts you get for free just aren't ever going to fit properly, which means that for most people they fall out a lot and are hardly ever in the right position. That's bad, because when you move an ear insert a little bit the sound changes a lot. In any case, wearing anything that's hard, circular and sized to fit bigger ears than yours is never going to be comfortable.

Get Earphones that Actually Fit Your Ears

If you really want to enjoy the sound reproduction your device is capable of, you need earphones that fit properly into your ears. Not someone else's ears, or a standard ear; you need earpieces that fit exactly into the particular contours of your own, unique outer ears. There are two ways you might get that level of fit: firstly, you could spend a lot of time and money trying a succession of standard-fit earphones until you find a make and model which is just about okay for you (and good luck with that..!). Alternatively, you can fix an appointment with an AudioFit specialist, who will take impressions from your ears and then arrange for a pair of ear inserts to be custom-manufactured so that they fit you superbly well. Guaranteed.

Great Sounds and Amazing Comfort

For many people, the improvement in sound quality you'll experience with custom-fitted earpieces is worth it in itself, but apart from your awesome listening experience you'll be enjoying a whole new level of comfort too. Properly-fitted ear inserts are so easy to wear that you really can forget you have them in, and the soft silicon rubber used in the manufacture of Puretone's iMonitors and iPod Moulds delivers the very best in ear comfort. What's more, they are much less likely to fall out if you wear your music player at the gym or when you go running.

One Solution, Three Products

It is the professional fitting that makes the difference. If you just wish your existing music player or smartphone earphones could be made to fit really well and so actually give you the sound they are capable of, take a look at our iPod Moulds. These provide an insert that fits precisely around your existing earpieces and matches your ear contours exactly. If you don't have your standard earpieces or want to experience the amazing audio performance of Puretone's pro-specification Micro Monitors on your iPod, iPhone or other compatible player, step up to the amazing iMonitors. Alternatively, take a look at Emtec's great-value Noisebreaker MP3s. These are new to the market and feature Sennheiser earphone inserts as standard - they've had some great reviews and offer real value for money.