Photo shows a male pilot wearing his Nanocomm GA 2 at the airport

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Light-weight GA Headsets for Pilots

NanoComm GA 2 - the Lightweight Aviation Headset with Custom-Made Earpieces

When you are flying an aircraft, you need a communications headset. Why not make it a good one? Puretone's competitively-priced NanoComm GA 2 has all the performance of the traditional bulky aviation headsets, but tips the scales at less than 10% - that's right, less than a tenth - of the weight. That can make a real difference to your comfort and fatigue levels over a long flight. Rather than trying to block out the ambient noise of an aircraft with (often poorly-seating, and so inefficient) over-ear caskets, NanoComm GA 2 has two precision-manufactured ear inserts that fit directly into your ears. Being custom-fitted to match the individual and unique contours of the pilot's outer ear canal, precisely, they are supremely comfortable to wear and provide a near-perfect audio seal. Complemented by a super-light microphone boom incorporating an amplified-electret microphone at just four grammes, the NanoComm GA 2 sets new standards for aviation headset comfort.

Light in Weight, Heavy on Features

Pilots and aircrew need pro-spec performance from their headsets, and the NanoComm GA 2 delivers. CE marked and tested to EN 352-2: 1993, the twin ProtectHear™ earpieces give a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 29dB. Quality earpiece audio drivers give excellent fidelity, with outstanding clarity in the voice frequencies. The 'shape and stay' microphone boom can be attached to either ear. A volume control, and auxiliary audio input point are all standard, as is the stylish quick-release lanyard that neatly carries the audio cabling.

Compatible with Almost All Aircraft Comms Systems

There's no point in having a brilliant aviation headset you can't use on the aircraft you fly, so NanoComm GA 2 is available with a wide range of standard aircraft comms connectors other than the GA plugs (PJ055 and PJ068 jacks) that are standard. We routinely supply headsets fitted with the Nexus connector (as used in many helicopters), 5-pin DIN connectors (AirBus), 6-pin (LEMO) and Redel or Bose connectors. Just let us know what you intend to plug in to and we can supply a headset fitted with the connectors you need.

Custom Fitting Makes the Difference in Pilot Headset Performance and Comfort

Flying a plane with standard, 'universal fit' earplugs jammed into your ears would never be comfortable. Neither would it give you access to the outstanding audio clarity that's achievable with NanoComm GA 2. So that your headset's earpieces can be manufactured to fit the unique contours of your outer ears precisely, a trained and Puretone-approved AudioFit specialist will arrange a time to take casts directly from your ears. Although the process is inevitably a little unfamiliar, it's painless and takes no more than a few minutes on each side. Once the impressions have been taken they can be re-used to manufacture any other ear inserts you may wish to purchase later.

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